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We currently offer six different highly-rated teas: 14-Day Detox Tea Cleanse, 28-Day Detox Tea, Calming Chamomile Tea, Immunity Herbal Tea, Matcha Grade A Green Powdered Tea, and Fair Trade Rooibos Red Tea.  Here is a quick Introduction to our products:

14-day and 28-day Detox Tea CleanseOur Organic Detox Tea has natural herbs and ingredients that will naturally help push and eliminate any potential toxins in your body.  The Natural Green Tea and Senna leaf in this Tea are proven to assist your body in healthy and natural weight loss. Natural Digestion and Metabolism is the key to a clean and healthy detoxification process for the body.  Ginger extract and Orange peel are just two of our effective ingredients in supporting this healthy process.  This is a 14-Day or 28-Day program intended to cleanse your body of all unwanted toxins and help you stay fit and skinny.

Organic Calming Chamomile Tea - Our Green Root Calming Chamomile Tea contains a blend of calming herbs that highlights the chamomile flower to bring along a nice calming and relaxed effect to your tea drinking experience. This herbal nighttime tea blend is caffeine free and has floral and minty taste notes.

Organic Immunity Herbal Tea - Our Green Root Organic Immunity Tea contains a healthy mixture of wellness herbs that combine to strengthen the Immune system and help you fight unwanted Colds and the Flu. This herbal blend is caffeine free and contains taste notes of fruit and spice. This traditional Ayurvedic herbal tea blend helps to bring a feeling of wellness and cleanse to the body.  

Organic Matcha Green Powdered Tea - Our Green Root Matcha Green Powdered Tea is an all natural and organic stone ground Tencha green tea. This Matcha Tea has a fresh and slightly sweet taste and contains a medium caffeine content. Matcha is high in antioxidants and helps to provide an increase in energy and focus throughout the day.

Organic Red Rooibos Tea - Our Green Root Organic Rooibos Tea is sourced from Fair Trade practices from the small mountainous region of Cederberg in South Africa. Also referred to as Red Tea or Bush Tea, Rooibos Tea is caffeine free and has a smooth and slightly nutty taste.  Rooibos Tea is known to be rich in antioxidants and contains many other nutrient-rich minerals.